Reliable, fast and highly secure, air cargo services today, are a key solution for many requirements. Unparalleled in safety measures, air transport serves as a benchmark of perfection across virtually all industries. When valuables need to be transported across destinations, parameters like safety, timeliness or a combination of both is of key importance & air freight services are simply the best option.

With Salramud Global Logistics as your air cargo logistics partner, your business shall gain access to a seamlessly broad network that shall not just cater to all your requirements, but shall be able to deliver it all with cost efficiency. Combining a growing list of partners and services with attractive air freight charges, the team at Salramud Global is here to work with you to meet and exceed your expectations.

Here’s why you should choose Salramud Global Logistics as your Air Freight Service Provider:

  • Salramud Global Logistics is your one stop, all-encompassing Air Freight service provider offering quick and cost-effective services for both imports and exports.
  • We provide all-round solutions for delivering foodstuff, pharma, high quality goods, hazardous goods, break bulk and time-sensitive cargo across distant corners of the world rapidly.
  • We are CT-PAT compliant & are registered with International Air Transport Association (IATA).
  • We ensure strict adherence to international standards and expedite work in terminal clearances & inspection processes.
  • Our alliance with well-founded agents at strategic hubs, assist us in operating multi-modal transportation facility with ease.
  • We hold valuable stocks of certain key Airlines.

Choose Air Logistics to Fulfil Your Needs Faster, Smoother, Better

Speed is the need of the hour today, especially for time-critical cargo. Due to longer transit periods, weather conditions and other limitations, marine or land transport facilities fail to deliver quickly. Therefore, a remedy for urgent transportation lies up in the sky – Air Transportation. Many factors that are virtually impossible for other logistics solutions to offer, simply come as a part of what air logistics has to offer.


  • Being IATA compliant, we get direct bookings with Airlines, avail better tariffs & flight connections.
  • We often have the upper-hand in negotiating low-priced air freight rates for exports to major commercial markets, especially the USA, Europe, South-East Asian regions like Singapore and Far-East regions like Korea & China.
  • We offer insurance coverage for cargo as well as local deliveries & warehousing.
  • Last mile delivery in Nigeria with in-house Customs Brokerage & warehousing facilities.


  • Salramud Global Logistics is certified as an Indirect Air Carrier (IAC). We ensure strict adherence to security requirements laid down by Transportation Security Administration (TSA). We can secure sharper rates & handle tight flight schedules while importing from USA to Nigeria.
  • Import services from major airports across the globe – Nigeria, Ghana, USA, Canada, Europe, China, and Far-East.
  • Proficiency in operations & documentation for smooth handling of your cargo.

Have a cargo to ship?

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